Color Moods

Posted on: May 18, 2009

The Effects and Moods of Color:

The colors of ‘Cold’: Blue, green and Blue-green are associated with cold, and calm. These colors are used to promote a feeling of austerity, cleanliness, invigorating freshness, coldness.

The colors of ‘Cool’: Blue is the base for these colors but added are reds and yellows to bring out a wide range of color from minty green to a soft violet. These colors help promote a feeling of calm, serenity, trust and relaxation.
The colors of ‘Hot’: Red is the highest chroma color there is…simply put it is the most powerful hue. A hot color may evoke strong emotional responses, and has been known to stimulate physical activity and sexual desire. This color is used in sporty kind of websites.

Use hot colors if you are wanting an aggressive feel or want something to really stand out amongst others. Note: Even though red is the strongest of hues, placing a high chroma yellow in any designsd or work of art will draw the eye first.
The colors of ‘Warmth’: Based in Red but softened and suffused with orange and yellows. Warm colors are often used to suggest comfort and warm heartfelt emotions.
The colors of ‘Darkness’: No these are not the colors of evil. They are often used to reduce space. These colors are also used so that lighter colors can stand out greater and be more effective. These colors are somber, and can suggest melancholy and solidity.
The colors of ‘Light’: These colors are barely colors at all they exist merely as suggestions and hints of colors. They are the opposite of darkness, and they are often used to open up a space or evoke a feeling of openess.
The colors of ‘Pastel’: These pale colors are hues tinted with large amounts of white and are very soft in nature. The bring out a mood of innocence, fond memories, and romance.
The colors of ‘Intensity’: The colors of intensity are high chroma colors, pure and when used seem to scream their message. Great for attention grabbing.


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Nice post. Can I have the color wheel to let me chose appropriate colors from now on?

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